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Robot 2.0 Review in English: 2.0 Screen Review

Robot 2.0 Review in English 2019: Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have played in Shankar's film 2.0 movie today. The most expensive movie in India is the picture. His stories, who have destroyed his life, are single people and take revenge.

Flim: 2.0

Actors: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Movie type: Sci-Fi
Movement: Shankar

Robot 2.0 Review in English

The story of the film is partly a part of the scientific thriller, partly horrific and partly conscious. The film starts with an old man hanging on a cellphone.

Subsequently, the introduction of scientist vasikaran was introduced. A human-style robot known as his assistant Nina. In this scenario, mobile phones are attracted to the air on every side.

Scientist Bhajikaran was asked to investigate the incident. Meanwhile, he said that the problem must be reconstructed and destroyed and destroyed and destroyed city robots.

Then created the City Robot, Akshay Kumar. It destroyed its ruins. Akshay Kumar after the break! He took some steps on how to affect a pedophile and cell phone bird.

But no identity was found in his claim. He committed suicide. Then he evaporated, and the birds became man with the power of birds and killed him. After that the city robot was created and fought for the destruction of the Akshay Kumar rebellion. What is this win in the city? is not it? Glymex is in.

Visitors were surprised by the presence of cell phones in the sky, scenes of surrounding forest scenes, demon demon of demon birds.

These scenes include features of several English movies, including Alliance, Terminator 2, Ghostbusters. The first half is standing like a Scratch picture. After the introduction of the City Robot, the speed of the photo increases.

There is no doubt that City and Giant Bird's scenes will surprise the audience.

The first half is full of excitement about flashbacks (Akshay Kumar). The flashback story is not like the flashback sequences of Shankar's earlier film like Indian and Gentleman.

Plesirzan Fletcher View of Climax 2.0 and Packaged. We have seen the scene in the trailer. However, there are some surprises waiting for us yet.

Fans are celebrating that Shankar has made a Tamil film of parallel quality and technology with Hollywood movies.

An important concept is to present the film. This world is not just for humans. It has been suggested that other animals have the same Scenes created to create this scene.

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