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What is the Laptop, its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Laptop in English? Have you ever used the Laptop? If yes, then you may have information about it. But if not, there is no need to panic, because today, through this article we will know what is a laptop computer and what are its main components?

With the development of the latest technology, it has improved our lives very much and the people of the generation of people are truly taking advantage of this technology. In today's time, humans are totally dependent on technology, and they are doing all their work with the latest available machines and gadgets. For example, we use cars, planes, trains to fix long distances. We use mobilephones or telephones to communicate with others. In such a way, we use computers to do our official work or any other work. That's the old thing happening to the desktop computer now because he lives in one place and he has trouble taking it from one place to another. Laptops were invented to solve this problem.

These laptops and tablets began to offer people portablity and mobility features, so people do not have to depend much on desktop anymore. They can use laptops anytime and anywhere. So today I wondered why you do not know how to use laptops and how much benefits are given to them, through this article. You can also get information about this type of computer. So let's begin without delay and know what the laptop is like in English.

What is Laptop

What is Laptop in English

This laptop is a type of computer, which we call a notebook computer. It is a battery or an AC-powered personal computer, which is usually of small size (smaller than a briefcase), it can easily be transported from one place to another, with ease. There are also temporary spaces such as airplanes, libraries, temporary offices, and even meetings.

Weight of a laptop is typically less than 3 kilo, its thickness is 2 to 3 inches. By the way, its size and thickness too has decreased considerably. Now there are many laptop computers manufacturers in the market such as IBM, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS etc.

Talk about the price of Laptop computers, it is very much compared to the same capabilites and features as compared to desktop computers. That's because laptops are very difficult to design and manufacture.

The displays used in laptops use thin-screen technology. These thin film transistor or active matrix screens are very bright and its views are very good, with different angles, if we compare it with STN or dual-scan screen. The laptop uses many different approaches to integrate the mouse into the keyboard, to include a touch pad. There is also a serial port which allows a regular mouse to be attached. Also there is a PC Card which is an insertable hardware, in the laptop to add a modem or network interface card. Apart from this, CD-ROM and DVD (digital versatile disk) drives can also be built-in or attach.

What are the Components of Laptop?

By the way, there are many components of the Laptop but here we will only learn about some important components.


This is the controlling component of Central processing unit (CPU) Laptop Computer. Processor speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz) Multi-core processors are more than one core in Mehzud, in the same chip. Speed ​​ratings These processors indicate what is the speed of each core. The more speed it will be and the more cores Mehjood will be in the laptop processor, the more work that the laptop can do simultaneously.

Hard Drive:

This hard drive is the memory storage of any laptop. A large size of hard drive allows users to install more programs and larger programs and save more files too. Today's high-performance laptop computers have hard drives with much storage space. Such as 2TB, 4TB Hard Drive. A typical hard drive runs at 5,400 rpm, but if you need hard drives with performance boost, you can also use a hard drive with a 7,200 or even 10,000 rpm.

System Memory:

Random access memory (RAM) is a very main component that helps in keeping the laptop faster. With more RAM a computer can run more programs simultaneously. Where a Web-browsing laptop will work only with 2 GB of RAM, one entertainment laptop needs 4 to 8 GB of RAM.


In the laptop screen, thin liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are used. You get clearest picture in native resolution, in your laptop display, this is the resolution in which the image matches the screen with the exact number of pixels. The more native resolution of the Laptop Screen, the more detailed picture quality will be.

Optical Drive:

Laptop's optical drive is its DVD drive. In most new laptops, these DVD +/- RW drives come pre-installed only, which are also called burners, it is used to read and write Blank DVDs and CDs in all formats. These are very handy to take backups of our importants files or data. Some laptops do not even have optical drives because this will save both space and weight of that laptop. But you can see it in most.

External Ports:

Number of External Ports vary from one laptop to another. All of them have some USB ports. You may need a VGA port if you want to connect to a different monitor or projector. Some laptops have separate memory card slots also for the MMC and SD cards.


With an Ethernet port you can connect via an Ethernet cable with a network. Wireless connections, which use a wireless-G or wireless-N signal, are usually universal for newer laptops.

Video Card:

They are also called graphics cards, generate video cards, graphics in your laptop display. All laptop CPUs have a graphics controller, which allows the computer to perform basic video and graphics display. There is a video card, but an extra device that takes the load from the processor, so that it helps to smoothly and quickly run the laptop when users are playing movies or games. Some video cards have their own system memory, which makes it faster, and more seamless performance.

What is the relationship between Laptop and Tablet?

By the way, there are many connections between the Laptop and Tablet, whether there is a similarity between these two or even differences between them.

Let us first know about similarities
Both of these tablet devices and laptop computers are kinds of computers that can perform many similar tasks such as browsing websites, sending e-mail messages to someone and writing a paper.

Both of these devices are very portable, which can be easily transported from one place to another.

Both of these devices are very sensitive devices, so they should take great precautions while carrying these two.

 Let's first know about the disimilarities

A laptop is a very portable computer. Which means that you can get all the features of a desktop, but its size is small, because of which you can take it anywhere. At the same time, a tablet computer is also very small, but it provides more and better portability, which has fewer features and options. It has a touch screen display, its battery, display and circuitry all in one single unit.

Laptops that are slightly thick and heavy are not too thick or heavy. Together these are more portable compared to laptops.

Where a laptop has a physical keyboard, one tablet does not have a physical keyboard. There is only one touch screen in which you can do all the keyboard work. In the Laptop there is a trackpad in place of a mouse, in the Tablet there are no such touchpad. All things can be screen-controlled.

If I talk about Battery, then the battery of laptops will end sooner than tablets. That's because because of the high RAM in the Laptop, many heavy works can be done, which requires more battery, while there is no such big operation in the tablet, which does not cause much use of batteries.

Laptop has CD and DVD (Optical Drive), these options are not available in Tablet.
Hardware can be upgraded to laptops, such as RAM, hard drive etc. There is no facility to upgrade hardware in tablets.

If we talk about prices laptops are more valuable than tablets.

Will 2018 get the Laptop on the 12th class in the 12th class, bringing the 75 percent per cent?

Many governments have announced that they should be given a Laptop on the basis of a gift given to the students who are very diligent and those who hold the highest number of exams. So that they can use these laptops in their studies. But there are some conditions in it as if it is only for students studying in 10th and 12th classes, whose 75 or more percentages should be in the final exams.

Laptop Benefits

1. Portable Device: These are very portable. Due to which they can easily be transported from one place to another.

2. Its Long Battery Life: Laptops have very long battery life which can be used for a long time without any power supply. This is especially useful when traveling. Together, the battery life of a normal laptop is 3 hours.

3. There are small size: If we compare it to Desktop then the sizes of these laptops are small but in this also all the work can be done which we do in the desktop. Due to its small size, it can be easily moved into offices, schools, colleges.

4. No Keyboard or Mouse: Because there is an inbuilt keypad in which you can do the job of the mouse. There is also built in keyboard. It does not require an external mouse or keyboard.

5. Internal speakers: There are also internal speakers. So that you do not need to move the external speaker somewhere.

6. WIFI and Bluetooth: There is also a facility of Wifi and Bluetooth, so you can easily use Intenet and transfer files from one device to another.

7. It has Built in Webcam: Users in the desktop need external webcam. There is already integrated webcam in the Laptop, so we do not need a external camera. With this we can easily do video calling.

8. Requiring Low Power: If we compare it with Desktop then Laptop requires less power. This will reduce your electricity bill.

9. Entertainment: In this, all the devices are already built in itself, so whether they are any work, education, music, movies or pictures, you can use laptops for all things, with ease. It is used according to a recreational gadgets.

Loss of laptop

Let's know about the disadvantages of laptops.

1. Expensive: Laptops are more expensive than other computers. Because the desktop of the same configuration can easily get you in lower prices.

2. It is also not right for our health: when it comes to our health, everything comes later. Excessive use of laptops puts a bad effect on our health, such as in our eyesight, hands, feet, backbone etc. At the same time we have possibilities of many diseases.

3. There is a difficulty in repairing: Since all things are insatalled within the laptop, it is not so easy to repair, as compared to Desktop. Together, its components are also much more expensive. Apart from this, the computer expert can charge more than you because of difficulty in repairing.

4. It can be easily stolen: Because these electronic devices are very portable, they can steal them with great comfort. Where portablility is a benefit, it is also a big disadvantage for its security.

5. Customization and Upgradability: Customizing these devices and upgrading their hardwares is very difficult. For this, we may need another computer expert.

6. Their technology is very old: As we know technology is increasing day by day. In such a situation, if you buy a new laptop today, then in a few months it will be available in a new upgraded version market. Plus the laptop you buy will be cheaper and its technology is too old.

7. It can become the focal point of distraction: It has been seen many times that the students use laptops to study less and use more according to the means of entertainment. Such as listen to those songs, watch movies, etc. This destroys their valuable time. And due to which the work number comes in their studies.

8. There are plenty of chances of having a Damage: Since it is an electronic device, so if any mistake, water, tea, syrup etc., in this case accidentally damages the laptop then it can be damaged immediately. Along with it, it has to be cautious in taking place from one place to another, otherwise it can also cause this device damage.


I hope you have my favorite article about this laptop (What is Laptop in English). My always efforts are to keep the readers informed about what a laptop computer is, so that they do not need to find it in any other sites or internet in the context of that article. If you have liked this post in English please share this post on Social Networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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