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5 Tips to stay safe Online

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5 Tips to stay safe Online....

In today's topic we are going to talking about some tips to stay safe online. Most of people doesn't surf safely on INTERNET. As a result they got caught by hackers and lose their valuable personal informations. In case study about 60% people doesn't know how to safeguard themselves on Internet. This is why we are going to reveal some Top 5 tips to stay safe online. 

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1. Create Complex PasswordsWe all know that creating a strong, unique password is the best way to safe your personal and financial informations on Internet. This is especially true in the era of widespread corporate hacks. This is why our best advice is to use a Password Manager to help you store and create strong passwords for your accounts.

2.Use a Firewall: Even your network is secure you should use a Firewall. This is an electronic barrier that blocks unauthorized access to your computers and other devices. Using a firewall ensures that all of the devices connected to your devices is secured.

3.Click Smart: Many of Internet users don't know what to click and what to not. And this is the moment when they always fails. So you have to be smart and do not click on Spam emails, Free offers. Those are just a trap to make you click on those ads or links.

4.Protect your Mobile life: Our Mobile devices can be just as vulnerable to online threats as our laptops and desktops. So, we should keep your mobile devices safe and without knowing the proper knowledge we shouldn't install any Applications or download anything that we are unaware to.

5.Keep up to Date: Keep your all softwares updated so you have the latest security patches. Turn on Automatic Updates so that your devices can update all the applications and softwares. So that you will get the latest things served.

You should always install an Anti-virus software in your devices. An anti-virus can keep you safe all the time. 

That's it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed my article and please let me know how was that. Till then stay safe and stay healthy. See you on my next article.
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