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5 ways to escape from acne

Along with anxiety, acne can also occur due to proper diet and lack of normal sleep. Sufficient sleep and nutritional supplements are important if you want to get skin acne. You can also take help from some domestic methods.
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1.Green T.
Let's wash the mouth of the Green T's licker. Holding the cold T-Acne on the acne will also be beneficial.

2.Mint, curd and oatmeal
Mix 2 tablespoons basil leaves with 2 tablespoons of curd and two tablespoons oatmeal powder. Wash the mixture after 10 minutes on the skin.

Aloe vera can remove acne Collect gel from aloeveera leaf and apply it directly on the skin. Wash after half an hour. Even if you keep up all night, you will get benefit faster.

4.Honey, oatmeal
Add 1 cup oatmeal with half a cup of honey and apply it on the acne. Wash after waiting for half an hour.

5.Lemon juice
Apply lemon juice to the acne after sipping it. Wash after a while.

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