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By mistake, you have deleted the file from your PC Hard Disk or Memory Card, but now you are sorry, let's take a look at what could be the last resort and with $ 499 dollars software

Welcome to meet you today
By mistake, you have deleted the file from your PC Hard Disk or Memory Card
But now regretting, let's take a look at what the last resort might be

We do not choose to save many useful and valuable files, documents, photos, videos, audio files etc. In our daily life, things like Pen Drive, Memory Card, Hard Disk etc.

The main reason for this is not necessarily lost. When it gets hit, forget it and forget it.
If you remember that there was the most valuable thing there, then I would have cheated and abused myself (maybe it does not apply to everyone) Maybe it stands in a situation that can go because of the job , The last memories of the lover or the last memories of someone who has left the country, can be a useful document (eg Sallery Sheet) Ron can not be displayed so the tale went and came back to beat.

If we delete files on PC normally, it will be recycle bin and it will get rid of Recycle Bin once again, and if you talk about Android, then there is no such thing in Recycle Bin if you have not installed third-party app automatically.

On the other hand, Pendrive / Hard Disk / Memory card becomes corrupt, due to which it is possible to lose some valuable things.

There may be many people who have deleted a partition of the whole hard disk by mistake. Many of those who have formatted a drive while formatting the memory card.

However today I am presenting a trick of how to solve the problems mentioned above in today's tune.

For this you have to download iCare Data Recovery Pro whose technician version is worth $ 499. Now think about where to get the idea of ​​what is also a part of the trick, without saying it is complete and the tune is complete.

With iCare Data Recovery Pro you can recover 90% of your lost files, but this will definitely require a paid version because you will not be able to support 2GB on the free version.

First download the software.
The download link is attached below the post.

 Once downloaded, you can see a file like this: Double-click Open.

Click the Accept button
Click the Extract button.
Now you will need a password for the password, www.cyberdl.ga
This is your original file, now you can close the internet connection and install it.
Once installed, keygen from keygen is full version.
Now open the original iCare Data Recovery Pro software.

If you want to get back the lost file now, then see Deleted File Recovery or Deep Scan File Recovery. But in my opinion, it is better to take the time to get the Deep Scan File Recovery. And if you want to find your hard drive partition file, then you must log in to Lost Partition Recovery. All of them work the same, so I will show them with Deep Scan Recovery.

As above, all the drives in your PC will show that if a memory card or pen drive is connected then it will also show. Now decide which drive you want to recover the file from and enter.

It will take time for Deep Scan to wait patiently until it ends.

Once it is scanned, select something like the above and click on the Next button.

Show where you want to save Recover files.

See all the files you see will be your task to select your deleted files and click the Recover button.

See Recover has started Waiting for your lost file to get back.

If everything goes well then it will come up like this where you have given instructions to save where you will get all files recovered.

If you think that you can use the software, then download it from the link below.

If there is a problem even after doing full version then you can take a look at the following video.

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