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Do not know what to do when the mobile phone is hot!

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Welcome to everyone's post in today's post. How are you all? I hope you are okay. I am fine with you.

The more the day is going to discover new mobile phones. But now many mobile phones suddenly become very hot. Many times we fall into the panic. Because the explosion occurs because the mobile becomes hot.

But this is the solution of the problem. If we use a mobile phone consciously then it is possible to get rid of it.

1. Do not leave more apps or programs at once. Update software regularly. Keep the apps that are taking up space in the background.

2. Take a smart phone that can absorb the phone's heat. The outside heat does not make the phone more hot. Keep the phone as far away as possible from the sun.

3. This may be for viruses and malware often.

4. Keep RAM and cache clean. Delete unnecessary messages. Keep the animation off. Keep the Wi-Fi off for unnecessary.

5. Do not go to bed with smartphones at night. It also reduces the prolongedness of the smartphone and decreases the phone.

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