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Download 1200+ Folder Icon for your PC or Laptop

Assalamu Alaikum How are you all Hope everyone is well. I am also good in your supplication. Today I will share with you 1000+ folder icon for your PC or laptop.
Image result for Folder Icon pack
We are annoyed to see the computer's default folder icon. This requires a little change. I use different icons for my web site or computer usage. There are plenty of sites to download these icons, but one has to download and watch it. It requires a lot of time. I give you 1200+ arcane icons today. You can download and use.

Advantages of:
This icon pack has almost all kinds of icons.
Folder is not resized, you can make folders fit by your various software.
All icons have great advantages of using PNG, computers from all over the web are useful to use.
All the icons are hyphenation.
Icons can be used on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Image result for Folder Icon pack

Download link: There are around 1200 + icons 7 small file sizes, which is about 14 mm. All you can download and share and download.

I shared all the icons together in the form of rows, so you will have the ability to download them. Size is just 14 MB. So do not delay download and replace your computer's default folder icon. By downloading it will understand how big the benefits.
If you have to say something or tumor your problem. So friends who will be present there till another day, with all the other tunes, so far everyone will be well. thanks to everyone.

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