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Easy way to get Adsense Approval on the web site

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Easy way to get Adsense Approval on the website .. !!!
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Everyone says how to get Google Adsense? What do you need to do to get Google Adsense? For them, I talked about how to get Google Adsense.
Easy way to get Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is an affiliate of Google's advertising network. Through this, website owners can earn money by making edits from different companies on their website. This is because of the popularity of this ad network, Google Product is so frightening to be framed. They give the most payments that are not available from other networks. But getting Rules and Regulations and very tough pleupals is also a little difficult.

What kind of adsense?
Adsense account is of 2 types. One is the hosted account is another non-hosted account. The hosted account is for YouTube and Blogspot blogs. You can not use this account on your website. And the non-hosted account is its add-ons that you can use on your website, anywhere.

How does Adsense work?
You must have an account. From there, the website will be approved. Then add ad code to add code to your website. If you add ads on the website, Google will pay you based on the ad view and click.

What to do in order to get easy access?

1. First you have to have a good quality site. The site will be in custom domain (.com, .net, .org). Free sites such as Blogger or WordPress do not have subdomain. Many said that .tk can be found with the site? If you can not earn them by earning it for long. Because these free domain sites are not available after 2 days.

2. You must have 30-35 unique articles on your site, but many people get 20-25. But if you want to get the approval for the first time, it is best to make it one at a time. No copy content can be provided. Articles should be of 300-400 wards, better than 500 wards.

3. Your domain must be 2-3 months old. Many are getting it too low But after taking a domain you can prepare everything for 30-35 articles and then it will take 2-3 months. And what is the need to take risks by hurrying these things.

4. Regular good post should be given. If you do not get regular post after receiving the approval, your site may be suspended from Adsense.

5. Site's menus, categories must be sorted beautifully. About, Privacy, Disclaimer, Sitemap These pages have to be added.

6. No other ad network ads can be used on the site. If they have to be removed then they will be removed. After getting the Adsense Approval, you can use other network ad.

7. Your blog will be added to Google Webmaster and Google Analytics. And submit the sitemap to the webmaster.

8. Your blog has to be SEO for a while. After some visitors come in and your blog posts will be applying after indexing Google.
Do not do things after getting Adsense

1. Do not give any copy content. Regular unique articles will post.

2. Do not forget to manually click on your own. Then you will be banned for your Adsense account.

3. Hacking, piracy, crime do not post this related.

4. Images of the post can not be downloaded from Google. You have to build yourself.

5. No type of ad content can be provided on the site.
If you follow these, you can keep your add-on account safe.

How to get paid income from Adsense?
To get payment from Google, you must have your name, address bank account, on your ad account. Your daily income will be added to the Adsense account. For 10 dollars, Google will send a PIN to your address to verify your address. If the account is $ 100, then Google will send direct money to your bank account when it is verified. Under $ 100, you can get the next month's income. No payment is sent down to 100.

Easy way to get Adsense Approval on the website
So I discussed the easy ways of getting Adsense Approval. Now your turn Prepare the site and apply it. Start Blogging

I'm going to leave today like this. If you like the post, do not forget to comment.

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