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Equal Bappi-Mim and Arju-Pari Coming Soon

The movie calendar is going to be the first week of this year, Friday (February 8)! Because, the first film of mainstream artists going to be released this week. Together they are two.
And two movies are coming in front of the audience with almost the same number of theaters.
These are 'Bappi Chowdhury' and 'Bidya Sinha Mim', 'Daga Hare' and 'Kais Arzu-Parmini's' My Love My Prize'.

In the meantime, 'My love is my Priya' and 42 '' Dag '40 are being released if the concerned people are getting released.
Arjoo and Parimoni, both of whom are coming to the screen after a long time through 'My Love My Prize'. Shamimul Islam Shamim directed the film. Comedy, Romance Style, Writes Abdullah Zaheer Babu. Dialogue, screenplay by the director himself
Regarding the picture, Arjoo told the Bengali Tribune, 'Although the hall has fewer number, we have got almost all of the best halls in the country. This is the biggest relief place for now. Hope this number will increase further. '

On the other hand, Bapi Chowdhury and Vidya Sinha Mimi are starring in the special character of 'Daga', after a long break, the heroine is presently present.
The name of the film directed by Tarek Shikder has been changed several days before the release. Has been kept 'in the scars' heart.

In this movie, DJ Sohail, Shatabdi Wadud, Lina Ferdous, Faruq Majumder and others have also starred in the film. Story Writes Kamal Ahmed Rafiquzzaman wrote the script and dialogue.
Bappi Chowdhury told viewers and critics about his movie, 'If you go and watch the movie then criticize. I will accept it. Do not say big things on Facebook without seeing Make mistakes in the movie, I'll take it right. '

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