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Find out how to take long hair care

Who does not want thick, black waist printed long hair? If you have such a nice hair, but you have to give a little more time to hair care. Find out how long hair is good.

Have to trim regularly
It is important to trim long hair regularly. If not, then it may explode Aga. The growth of the hair grew rough after the agony burst. America's hairstyle Selby Samaria says that every 10 to 12 weeks after the hair will be slightly trimmed. And if your hair is colored and is styled very often, then it must be trimmed after 8 weeks.

More on long hair jute dam. Hairstyles should be removed regularly. Otherwise hair may be damaged.

Brush adjustable
It is very important to brush the hair everyday with the right brush. It increases the blood circulation and hair loss at the base of the hair. During brushing or combing hair, keep in mind that the hair does not hurt. Slowly comb hair. Never brush wet hair or do not scratch.

Do not wear shampoo frequently
Shampoo does not need to be used every day to keep hair clean. Use shampoo once in three days. If you have to use it, you must use herbal shampoo, mix a little water.

Conditioner should be used regularly
Always use natural conditioning after shampoo. If you want to use the condition of the market, keep the hair shampoo half an hour before using it. Vinegar mixed water or lemon-water works as excellent conditioning. Washing hair with tea lickers will also shine hair.

Use of oil is important
Take long hair care and heat oil at least once a week. Cover with a hot towel, apply it from the beginning to the top. Wash with shampoo after 1 hour. It will keep the beauty of hair strong.

Natural practices are regular
There is no substitute for hair care and natural ingredients. Honey, lemon, curd, banana and onion juice can be used in the hair. These components will keep the hair shining and beautiful.

Do not tighten the hair
Do not have a style of hair that is tight and tight. Hair is damaged when it is dragged or ponytail in tight binding.

Before sleeping at night
Better bellies and sleep at night. Silk clothes will spread in pillows.

Information: Readers Digest

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