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How to earn from Google Adsense - Easy guideline for beginners

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How to earn from Google Adsense - Easy guideline for beginners
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Before earning from Google Adsense, we need to know what is Google Adsense? This is Google's product of search engine giant. Google blog / website / YouTube channel / Android apps display advertisements on blogs / websites / videos / apps. And instead of paying the owner / website to the owner / channel. When you visit websites or watch a video on YouTube, ads will appear in different places, along with the ads by Google. These are Adsense ads. Today we talk about ways to earn from Adsense.

How to earn from Google Adsense

Income from Google Adsense
If you see our Google Adsense tutorial, hopefully you will be able to get rid of the ways of earning money from Adsense. The first thing you have to do to earn from Adsense is to create an account. After creating the account, you will be required to apply through the income you want to earn. Do you want to earn revenue from the website or do you want to earn from the YouTube channel or you want to earn from the Android Apps?

What are the ways to earn from Adsense?
Through Blog / Website
One way to earn money from this medium is to blog / website. You must have a quality website. Follow the Google policy on the website to be content / post. The website has to be cleanly sorted. If you have full scripts below, you can easily get an Adsense account.

Must have 25-30 posts in good quality, posts must be sorted according to the category.
No other company can be add-on to the site, after receiving the account, you will be able to use other companies.
Copy paste should not have full unique article.
There should be a top-level domain (.com, .net, .org), and not a free site.
Adult Content, Copyright Content, Hacking Content, Crime, Eligal Drug Relayed Content.
If the domain is at least 3-4 months old, others are getting less.

Applying these will allow your site to be approved and then you can display and earn an advertisement. But for some reason if you do not approve your site, you can use Adsense's alternative ad network.
Write a series of detailed posts about this. If you want to get the posts you can bookmark our site.
Through YouTube Video

Another way to earn money from this medium is through the YouTube video. If you do not feel good about blogging, you can work with YouTube videos if you can not manage the website. You need to have a YouTube channel. There should be good content in there. Because if you do not have good content, you will not get a good view, and if you do not get the view, your income will not be. It is important to know the following if you have to earn a YouTube video.

The channel must be sorted, so that the professional look is seen.
Must be good videos that the viewers will see and love.
Videos can not be copied or uniconished. If you copy YouTube will banned your channel.
To get Adsense, your channel's total view will be 10,000.
You can read this post and find ways to earn from YouTube

Through Android Apps
If you want to earn from Android Apps, then first you have to get an Adsense account approved with a website. After being approved you will be able to show Google ads on your apps. To earn income from the AP, you have to take care of the following.

You have to make an app better so that users use it more.
If you have an erection made for any purpose, you will get banned.
After making AP, upload to the Playstore.
After uploading, you have to do marketing so that people will use your app because the more users will be as good as your income.

Create Google Adsense Account
You must have a Gmail account to create an Adsense account. Then, by going to sign up here, click on your website link or youtube channel link, select yes by e-mail and click on Save and Continue and go to the next step. Your name and the bank account name must be the name of the name and complete the sign up with your home address. Address will be very carefree because this address will send you PIN to verify. Hope to understand. So this is to open an Adsense account.

After that, your website or channel will review if everything is okay. And you'll be able to show ads on your blog / channel when approved.

The way to get money from Adsense
Money can be withdrawn from Google Adsense through the bank Earlier, Google wanted to get the money from the check bank sent by the check, but now the bank will send the money directly to the bank account. If the AdWords account is added to the Adsense account and if your address PIN is verified then 100 dollars will send money to your account at the end of the Google month.

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