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How to use Gmail offline.

Gmail can be used even now without internet connection, even if it is offline. Google has recently launched the offline support feature. Using this feature, you can now save, delete, write and find mail as well as read the mail.

Before the Google IO conference, major changes were brought to Gmail. Later, some of the more popular features of Artificial Intelligence were also added to this popular mailing service. And the latest is added to this offline feature.

To use Gmail's offline feature, Chrome browser version 61 is required. After following certain rules, this service will be available. How to Get Offline Gmail Service-

1. First download Google version of Google Chrome,

2. Enter the Gmail from the browser and click on the icon in the right-hand corner of the Settings icon,

3. There are so many options available. From there select the option to write settings,

4. There will be many options. From here select the offline name feature in upper right corner and

5. Lastly, select Enabled Offline Mail option will be effective offline mode.

Source: Gadgets Now

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