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Some shortcut in this period

We use computer in all the important tasks daily. So if we know some strategies, then everyday tasks will be much easier.
Some of the techniques of Windows Computer and Mac users are:
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1. A tab in the window is very important to you. But it went off due to mistake or some kind of pressure. Did the head become hot? What to do?
Do not worry, you can easily go back to your closed tab. For this, you have to press Control + (or 'Command' for Mac) + Shift + T. See, work magically. However, the last tab that has been closed will be returned. But after pressing these consecutively, all the tabs closed will be one on one.

2. You just want to take a screenshot of the specific parts of the screen. You can easily do this by Windows or Mac.
For Mac: Press Command + Shift + 4. Then drag the place you want to take a screenshot here. Your screen shot will be done.
For Windows: To do this, you need to enter Snippet Tool after going to the Start option.

3. Just pressing once you want to open a new link in your browser? You can do it in a very simple way. Hold the cursor on the link that you want to open and press the middle mouse button. The link will be open in a new tab. The restarted link will be closed by pressing the middle button of the cursor in any place.

4. Those who use computers use YouTube several times. We know that when pressing the space button when watching a video on YouTube, it stops or pauses. But if the video has not been clicked before, then pressing the space button will drop the page instead of stopping the video. In this case, if you press K button, it will work to play and play YouTube video. There will be no need for a space button.

In addition, if you press J on YouTube videos, 10 seconds will be backed and 10 seconds forward will be forwarded to L.

5. If you want to move your windows to any of the screens, press the keyboard button on the keyboard and press the right, left, top, bottom or any other arrow to move the window to the specified position.

6. If you want to clean the cache very quickly press Control + Shift + R. It also refreshes your page very quickly.

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