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The damage caused to the use of the phone. !!!

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The damage caused to the use of the phone. !!!

Lifestyle Desk - AirPhone usage has become part of our daily life. Nowadays, most of the people are seen using EAFPON in the ears while running, running, and everywhere in the journey. They feel comfortable talking to the mobile phone or listen to the airphone. Many people use AirPhone for a long time.

Analysts say there may be an issue with hearing loud sound in the airphone. Apart from those who can not spend a day without airplanes, they are also at risk. If you use the AirPhone for long periods of time, pain in the ear, discomfort in the ear, any type of germ cell in the airphone, ear infections, problems in hearing, etc. may be problems.

According to a report published in the Journal of American Medical Association, due to the use of earphones and earphones, the problem among the young people has increased in the ears.

Experts say that since the use of earphones or headphones in the daily life, sometimes the words should be kept between 60 and 85 decibles. Ear loss usually depends on the amount of sound used in the airphone and how often it is used. If anyone uses air conditioning or headphones for more than 100 decibels or even more than 15 minutes, then they may have serious damage to their ear. Besides, using an earphone or headphone for a long time may cause problems in the ear.

Experts say that the sound level on the airphone or headphones should never exceed 60 percent. Airfone should be removed from the ear after every 30 minutes. It's not okay to use hours in a continuous hour. Also, to keep the ears safe, the sound of the airphone or headphones should be reduced so low.

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