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The reasons for eating orange in the winter

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       The reasons for eating orange in the winter

An orange fruit rich in plenty Vitamin Kamala is a result of many people's choice. It is not only delicious to eat orange but also the nutrients of this fruit are many. There are many benefits of eating orange during winter. Since the temperature decreases in winter, our body disease resistance decreases, the skin looks dry and dull. Digestion also decreases. Orange is a fruit that keeps the body healthy and increases the skin's brightness. Also, during the winter, take advantage of these fruits regularly to see the benefits available.

1. According to the American Heart Association, regular citrus fruits, such as oranges, play grapefruit, reduce the risk of stroke.

2. Cough is a known problem in winter. Cold-coughs can be prevented by playing orange during this time.

3. During the winter, the body's immune system, skin and digestive system are in vulnerable condition. Orange-colored Vitamin C helps prevent all types of damage by increasing the immunity.

4. Oranges contain a lot of fiber, which not only reduces weight, also increases digestion. The fiber contained in it helps keep the stomach filled. As a result of repeated eating habits

5. Playing regular orange plays the risk of kidney stones depositing.

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