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There are some ways to stop bleeding from the gums

মাড়ি থেকে রক্ত পড়া বন্ধ করার কিছু উপায়

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Today's Topic,
There are some ways to stop bleeding from the gums

Health Desk: Usually, when brushing teeth, there is a small amount of blood lying on the gums. Many people can see the problem of blood transfusion from the gums while eating strong fruits or anything else. The most common reason for bleeding in the teeth of the disease is the inflammation of the gums. This may be due to plum or tooth accumulation in the teeth.
Let's know, ways to stop bleeding from the gums -
Calcium is needed to strengthen teeth and wheels, and milk contains high levels of calcium and protein. So drink regular milk to prevent bleeding.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C deficiency is one of the reasons for dental bleeding. Talk fruit lemon and orange and vegetables, especially broccoli and cabbage, can provide enough vitamin C to prevent bleeding.
Stop smoking
Due to smoking, there is a lack of free oxygen in the atmosphere, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of certain bacteria. So, stop smoking to keep your mouth free of bacteria.
The most common and most ancient method of dental problems in all kinds of problems, especially in gum bleeding. Munch the cloves in the face and massage the beans with cloves oil.
After brushing, add a pinch of salt or 1 teaspoon of saline in warm hot water and stop the gummy blood. It reduces pain and swelling.
Fatty food elimination
Fat and spicy foods help in the formation of dental pores and are the source of unhealthy germs. As a result, there may be bleeding gum and even genegititis. So avoid the fat diet as much as possible, due to the problem of bleeding gum.
Baking soda
Bacterial bacteria can destroy baking soda. Apply the finger to the baking soda in the fingers.
Fruits and raw vegetables
Apples, guava, carrots, papaya etc. are very healthy for gums. During eating such fruits and raw vegetables, blood circulation increases in the teeth of the gut, as it helps to prevent bleeding from the gums.
Many of us know that Aloe Vera has various medicinal properties. In the meantime, there is also the quality of the protection of the soil. Aloe Vera leaves the aloeveera inside the gel and rub it in the ground. Then keep the Aloe vera jail in a little while. Then wash it thoroughly. You will see blood from the gums stopped.
Salt water junk
To stop bleeding from the gummy and to protect the gummy, it is easier to do a domestic job to make salt and yolk hot water. Mix 1 mug yolks with hot salt in hot water and gently stir it 3 times a day. You can get rid of the problem of blood clotting.
Regular brush and floss
Due to occasional brushing, the blood starts to flow from the teeth. So regular brushing habits should be practiced. Flushing along the brush is very important. Because of the floss, the food grains in the rows are eliminated, which remains after brushing. So if you want to avoid blood from the gums, then flush the brush as well.

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