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These 7 works of the brain will surprise you asleep

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These 7 works of the brain will surprise you asleep

Lifestyle Desk: A third of life people spend sleeping. Sleeping contributions to the overall health of the people are widespread. But what happens in the human body asleep? Although the body is stable at this time, our brain works properly during sleep. Find out what your brain is doing while sleeping.

Some of the old reminds me of the sequence of events: The memories of some of the oldest memories remember that you But many people can not remember what happened before. Like you learned to ride biking before or swim? Sleep has the importance of remembering the sequence of events. Because of good sleep, the sequence of events is fixed and easy to think.

Learning new jobs: The process of learning physical tasks like driving, cycling, swimming or learning a new game goes awake. During this time, the brain makes memory of these work long-term, so that the practice of doing the job becomes strong in us.

Decides: During the daytime, we can not make the decisions that make it easy to take those decisions very easily, our brain. Accordingly he is ready to work the next day. The brain can make complex decisions by checking the information and memory available during the day.

Creates memories and remembers memories: The brain makes memories from everything we do all day. Along with this the brain reinforces the old memories and connects between new and old memories. Hippocampas in the brain works this part. However, if there is less sleep, hippocampus work is interrupted, so there is error in the process of memory making. I remember memories in a short time. If you do not sleep, the chances of having a fall may be reduced by up to 40 percent!

As well as strengthening the old memories, remember to memorize memory and work to sleep. Especially if you do not have a job long enough, if your skills are reduced or gone completely, then sleep can remind you of lost memories.

Enhances creativity: Enough sleep accelerates the speed of human work. Helps the brain to think creatively. Most of the time, people get rid of new ideas by getting the new ideas. The reason for this is that the brain finds the connection between things that are awake and can not be found awake.

Removes toxin: Researchers found in a research conducted on mice that the distance between their brain cells increased as they slept. As a result, it can be easily removed toxin in the brain throughout the day. The brain does not have the chance to remove these toxins if they do not sleep enough. As a result, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Reduces weight: The brain helps to reduce weight during sleep. During this time, water gets out of your body with breath and sweating. And at the time you do not take food and drinks faster than the daytime, you lose weight fast.

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