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Way to Earn from Youtube - A to Z Guideline

Hello! Friends, welcome to all of you today's post,
                               Way to Earn from Youtube - A to Z Guideline
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At one time we knew that only videos were seen on YouTube. But now we all know that as well as watching the video on YouTube you can also earn. Today, I'll just give you a basic idea about how to earn from YouTube. lets start.

Way to earn from YouTube

What are the ways to get income from YouTube?
There are several ways to earn money from YouTube. Talk about the popular and easy ways in it today.

1. Become a YouTube Partner
Being a YouTube partner means you will work for YouTube. That's why you have to apply. Every day thousands of people make applications. So do not think that your application will be approved immediately. You must have quality video on your channel and have enough visitors. And quality video is not 100% of the videos you own, copied or stolen videos from anyone. Then, if you approve your application, they will earn through your channel and they will have to pay you money.

2. Google Adsense's ad show
As we watch the video, two types of add-ons appear at the bottom of the video and on the side. These are Adsense's banner ad. Adding 5/10 seconds to the middle of the video, this is also Adsense's Video Ed. So, if you want to earn revenue by displaying such advertisements in your channel, then after applying your channel, you must apply for Adsense. YouTube Adsense does not take much time to get approved. Your account will be approved within a maximum of one day. Then, to make the ad show, Monitization will be done. To turn on Monitization, your channel's total view will be over 10,000. Then your adsense ads will show on your video. You must give a good quality video to earn from Adsense and have a view on the video. You can write another post by discussing details.

3. Affiliate Marketing
You can earn without a YouTube partner or an ad show on your video or make an ad show as well as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the sale of some of the products in exchange for the commission. You can earn commissions from the box, such as Clickbank or Amazon's product. Apart from promoting the offer of various CPA Marketplace, you can also earn.

4. Sponsorship
If your channel or video is popular then if you have a lot of views and subscribers in the video, then you can earn sponsorship from different companies and sponsor their product and earn from there also.

5. The product sells
If you have a product you own, then you can earn on the website and Facebook as well as product sales by promoting your product on YouTube.

6. Service / Freelance Work Cell
If you are a freelancer, you can sell your services with your services such as graphics designing, web designing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more detail videos.

7. Subscriptions / Membership Cells
If you know something or you have some videos / tutorials that you would like to see with money, then you can start a premium service. Some free videos will give people ideas about your videos then ask to take your premium service.

8. Cellular links in the desktop
If you have a lot of view on your video, you can earn money by selling your company's product link in the description of your video. Your job will be to rank videos by SEO and bring lots of views in it. Then link the cell.
I discussed 8 ways to earn from YouTube.

What to do to earn a YouTube channel?
First of all, you have to know YouTube's policy for income from YouTube. You need to open a channel without knowing them. The channel should be customized so viewers feel professional. Then give the video. Now what kind of video will you talk about? YouTube always dominates the koalite. So you have to create a quality video so that viewers love to watch and feel better than youtube. Do not forget to upload any video of another person or steal your channel. Then YouTube will ban your channel. And make a video that you can make the best. It's just the opposite that you can not earn from YouTube if you give it a video. After giving a video, the view and subscription will be raised. That's why you have to do video seo. Your income will start from when the view starts coming to your channel or video.

How to open an account, create a video with a topic, write a detailed post about how to pick up the money. If you have any questions, please post or message on facebook page.

I'm going to leave today like this. If you like the post, do not forget to comment.

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