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What is the harm to the body while working in one place for a long time?

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What is the harm to the body while working in one place for a long time?

Lifestyle Desk :: We work long hours sitting in one of the areas that we are often worried about in modern life and changing habits. Most of the offices now have to work in front of the computer staff.

Sitting in the same place for seven to eight hours continuously to work, waist, back bone problem, and also add to the various diseases of the nervous system.

According to Amitabh Narayan Mukhopadhyay, an athlete in India, Calcutta, the problem of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, extra cholesterol in the blood, heart problems, and other problems in the body, by sitting in this place for a long time. But it is not possible to give up a living, and if it is sitting continuously it is not good for the body.

However, if some practice is done while sitting, sitting alone will work, but these can be saved from physical harm. If you are forced to work in the same place for a long time then follow these strategies.

- Do not sit in the same place for long. Change the chair if possible occasionally. Walk a couple of feet every two hours or at some place in the empty space, make jogging twenty-thirty times. The blood circulation is right in it. Bone congestion will also be comfortable.

- If the office is not on one floor, then use the stairs every time you move. Use the stairs to move the remaining three to four floors in the upper floors of the office while on the floor. Those whose offices are not multiple floors, try to walk a little bit around the office and walk around the office.

Keep your hand at the yellow smiley ball. Occasionally say the pressure of 15-30 seconds at work. Finger bones and muscles will be very useful.

- Walk for half an hour every day and of course the speed of that walk is fast.

- Make simple exercises such as free hand, stretching, waist-knee folding etc.

Green Tea Khan certainly must have a habit of drinking tea and coffee.

- Take a blood test every six months to see the levels of cholesterol and sugar in the body.

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