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What to do before applying for Google Adsense?

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Today's Topic,
What to do before applying for Google Adsense?

Today I will discuss with you a very old topic, but this topic is also new to Bangla bloggers and what is it? If you are a regular blogger, you must be aware that Google posted on 26 September 2013 a post through their blog that Google Adsense will start showing their add-ons in Bangla blog. Anyway, all Bengali bloggers (I) started dancing with happiness and immediately applied for AdSense, but due to their non-availability, Bangla bloggers were not receiving forms, but now all the non-formal bloggers apply for Adsense. Do not show a message that does not support languages ​​like that before.

However, if you want to blinking Bangla blogging again and if you are just new about AdSense, today's post is completely read, you will get much more Adsense. Actually, I have been working for a few years with AdSense and have not approved more than 3 AdSense Adsense, I have highlighted the following topics from my experience.

Before making an application with Google Adsense, look at the topics that are available

The things I said below have not been from my own experience, from any English blog, copy or other blogger's experience, I shared the same kind of adsense you have shared with me.
Before applying for AdSense, check what I said below whether it is on your blog or whether I am talking about it. If you agree then you can apply freely.

1. The age of the blog should be:
One of the main reasons for this issue is that the total age of blogs I applied for every Gul Adsense was 5-6 months +. So I did not say that your blog should be of 5-6 months, it was my experience, but if the age of the blog is a little better then the value of the blog, the value of the post, if it is good, there is no problem even in short time. However, if you want to get AdSense for the first time, then post some good times on the blog, apply for some good visitor then you have 99% of AdSense.

2. What is the number of posts on the blog AdSense is good:
Many people want to post 30, 40, 50, 60, etc. for AdSense, but I do not believe this, I have already said that I will share my full experience in this post. If you post good quality 10-15 and your blog age is a little older then you can get AdSense by posting this amount. For example, see this short screen, now there are 20 posts in the blog, but I applied for AdSense 15 posts and Approved and received. But I would say that you write several posts of good quality then apply it to get disapproved and decrease the number of fans.

3. If there is a visitor on the blog, then good for AdSense:
Do not know whether you believe in the end of the blog that AdSense is Approved. Only 15 pages on the page view are less than 10 Lifetime 2000 per day. But many people say that only AdSense ads will be available if you have a minimum number of 1000 visitors, but I have not received this twice with less visitor, but you chest please bring some good visitors then apply for AdSense. Because if you do not have good visitors, then you do not have the benefit of getting Adsense because income will not be so try to increase the maximum visitors then apply.

4. Submit the blog to Webmastertools:
If you want to get a visitor from Google, you must submit a blog to webmastertools, and if you do not, then your expectation of AdSense will be much lower. So if you have a webmastertools submit to your blog, then this topic will be well-received.

5. How many wards are posted in a blog post, if you have a good idea about AdSense?
Look, it's not a word, suppose you are writing a post that requires 300 words but you will go to write Falto 1000-2000! Well, if you have a good post in the Word of the World, good Google looks good, but with my experience, I do not find the relationship of AdSense with this ward. But you will try to write a good quality post so that the visitor gets anand after reading your post. However, I do not think there are any adsense ads with post word, just write some good quality posts, and understand what it means to say good quality post 😉.

6. Regarding the importance of blog design:
I've seen many bloggers posting posts with Adsense and have highlighted this design topic seriously, but I have seen adsense in some blogs far below which blog designs are the lowest quality. But try to keep a little design white clay. Use the free theme and there is no problem with the payment, I think this theme is not about the unnecessary blog itself, do not worry if the user is friendly.

7. Which would be better for blogger nor wordpress ads?
I have got Approved 3 adsense till now, with 2 blogger platforms, spelling blogs and a WordPress with 😊. However, since Google and Google AdSense can get a little advantage of Google AdSense, I have not noticed the difference, I have fully experienced my experience. Adsense is not a platform to get content tie is the main theme, so the more emphasis is on that aspect.

8. What kind of domain should be used?
You can use any top label domain such as .com, .in .net, .org etc., but do not apply for a free domain even though I did not check it, but 99% of the free domain do not want me to talk about .tk, .ml for free domain. If you earn money using Adsense on the blog then do not spend money from your pocket a little And yes, I did not try even with subdomain, but the last thing is to apply AdSense through a top label domain.

9. The blog can be posted on crack, patches, copy posts, songs, movies etc.
See AdSense does not say that if you use the Blogger platform and post a crack, patches, copies, the blog is deleted and it's about AdSense issues. I have shared many songs, movies, crack software on friend blog, but delete all the posts and apply it, you can do it or not it is difficult, you may have a question, some of the big blogs in Bengal have got Adsense with these patents. If Google can catch it, then those accounts will be banned without notice.

10. Before the AdSense application, the pages that are required to be in the blog
This issue is very important, if you go to apply for AdSense, then the pages below which I have said you must add your menu, otherwise you will have trouble.

Privacy Policy Page
Make a page about a blog or writer
Make contact pages
Disclaimer can not create pages but there is no problem.
Create site map pages.

The above pages must be added to the menu or side bar of your blog, otherwise your account will be approved.

11. Blogspot.com Adsense can be found with this domain:
I really do not care about this topic but it seems to be AdSense, but before, you can always try the top label domain, you must get AdSense.

The last few words:
I have shared all my experiences on friends that I have followed and got AdSense, so follow me as I follow above to create your own blog and get your blog adsense. I will post very quickly with the rest of the Google AdSense terms and conditions. I did not make the post bigger, I know those new ones have many more questions in front of those who will post to come, follow these tips and see them in the work.

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