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Are you protected online?

Large and broad range of online now. Every day there are innumerable people entering the various needs. But the purpose of everyone is not good. There are chances of danger if you do not take some precautions. So you should be tactical to protect yourself online.

Use different password for all accounts. If you use the same password in multiple accounts, then the account will be hacked if all the accounts are hacked.

Use the Password Manager. Stoppage, which is available for free or one password, which can be used for $ 2.9 9 to $ 49. These software will give you complete security of your accounts.

After installing these software, you will be asked if you want to change your password when accessing an account. That does not mean you have to do it. Rather, it will be built on your security password security issues.

After installing Password Manager software, use random and complex password. Rather than discovering a password by yourself, rather than doing it, you will be much better.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumble and many other sites have two-level password verification procedures. To enter an account in this method, the code sent to the phone is required to be entered. Even if your password is stolen, nobody can access your account. Because your phone will be yours.

Most software has automatic update functions. Use it. Because most computer hacks occur due to the software vulnerability.

Lock the phone. No one will be able to open it when the person is stolen. Store everything on a portable and separate hard drive. And everything on your phone should be stored on the computer.

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