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Blogger SEO Tricks is the way to increase traffic to the blog sit

Hello! Friends, welcome to all of you today's post,
How are you all I hope you are all good. I'm good at Alhamdulla.

Today's Topic,
Blogger SEO Tricks is the way to increase traffic to the blog site

The way to increase traffic to the blogger site
If you are a blogger then this post will be of great benefit to you

1, the first thing that starts is SEO

For this you use a quality of a quality champagne and add your site to Google Webmaster
2, unique content is unique to your blogger site. The importance of the post is very much to try 80% of the content to give unique content

3 Open a Facebook Page

If we usually search for something, then a little match with Facebook's Contour is posted on your site GoogleSearch engine show but even if you add your site to Google Web Master, your web site is behind the back of your Facebook link

B: At present, Facebook is a lot of stunts, so refrain from posting in your own group of people, because sharing a little more links will block your web site Facebook and you will not be able to share any link on your site on Facebook.

4, using pints or other pin sites

First of all you can get a lot of visitors using pentaste.com and many more sites suggestion
You can pin your site from the below site if you wish
Submit your full post on your blog to the fullest of my site

What is the pin?
Pin is a site where you can pin your photo content. The content you want to pin will show up on top of it, your Pintest's Fola can see the post before it.

Top topic Pintest field
Other sites will use you only to rank your web site, so you can easily increase your site's organic traffic.

**** next step ****
Reduce Free Web Submission Dot Submit Your Site This Site Adds Your Web Site To Many Search Engineers
It will be your benefit that another submitted search engine will be able to view your site

I apologize for the first time that I am posting a new trick in Bidi
Hold the wrong keys so that it can be corrected

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