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Google Ranking Factors 2019 | There are some important issues in Google Ranking

Google Ranking Factor: Everyone wants to come to the first page of Google search. Because on the first page, hopefully the number of organic traffic increases. But the issue of coming to this frist page is so easy

Thinking about Google search first, whether Keyword has been selected? I'm assuming you've selected Keyword. So in the case of Ranking, Google raised more attention to the issues that:

Google Ranking Factors 2019

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Previously there was a time when the Exact Match keyword Domain had many insights but
Now Google does not have such a cry. But when the competition is high, Google focuses on this issue. In the domain of Google, Google focuses on two issues; One Domain Age, two: - Whether there is a keyword in the keyword.

Keyword in URL:

When other pages are created without the homepage, keep in mind that the keyword should be in the URL.

Title Tag:

Keyword must be kept in Title Tag. But the important thing is, the title tag's first keyword is the best. So title tag should be written in such a way that the title tag has the keyword first.

Meta Description:

Now Google does not give Meta description tag the highest priority of Ranking. But when the competition is high, Google focuses on keyword fields. Apart from the description tag, Google can easily understand what this page has, so the potential for targeted traffic increases and clicks increase.

H1 Tags:

Let's have the H1 tag in the article and the Keyword as H1 tag
Is given. After the Google Title tag, H1 tags give much importance to the tag. Keep in mind that the sub-heading also has a keyword.

Content Length and Keyword Limitation:

In my opinion, an article should be at least 1000 words. Artikel below the word 1000 does not seem to be actually artikel. And Keyword Limit is 0.7% - 0.9%. That is, if you write 1000 words of artikel, you can get a chance to write Keyword 7-9 times.

But the biggest thing here is that Google likes big artichoke. And in the case of Ranking, it gives priority to the article. If you want to stay on Google's preference, you will need to write 3000+ word artikel. And easily understand that article writing of 3000+ words means that getting the chance to bring Keyword more often to artichoke.

Here are some more things to say, big artichoke means that you can easily work with a few keywords, this means that the chance of becoming a Rank with some keywords and more traffic is available.
(Remember, content is unique)

Internal and External Link:
Try to use at least one external link and one more internal link between your artikel.

Image Optimization:

We mostly use Image Optimization
Do not look at it. But many traffic is available from Google's Image Search and Google gives much importance to Image Optimization. So when uploading the image, the file name of the image must be done and alt altitude tags will be tagged and keep in mind that the keyword is on the Alt attribute tag.

Bold, Italic, Underline:

Bold your Targeted Keyword once in Artichoke, once underline and once it's written with Italic.

Image and Video:

You must use more than one image in your artikel. And share a video. The video is from your YouTube Channel and the video is about artichoke's Topic. You can use info graphic to attract users.


When there are many comments on an artichoke, it is obviously assumed that the user article
Likes and wants to know something new or thank you. In Google's case of positive ranking But you have to be always careful, in no way do Spam Comment.

Pages Loading Speed:

If you take more time to open the page then you can lose traffic. And because of that maybe you can stay away from Rank or after getting Rank, he can lower you from Rank.

Use AMP Template:

Today almost everyone uses the Internet through mobile. Some people use the internet only through mobile, and some people use the internet as well as the desktop through the desktop. So, through your developer, make sure you have your website Mobile Optimized. Using AMP for mobile optimization, your website will take a second step forward.


Websites via SSL Certificate are included under HTTPS. And that's positively close to Google

Reading Level:

Previously, Reading Level did not have such a priority. But now it is an important issue. If the readability level is bad, then you can lose traffic and get negative with Google. Those who use Yoast Plugin in WordPress will see Yoast Readability Level. Readability level is basically based on Sentence Sorting.

Terms of Service and Privacy Pages:

Of course, keep these two pages in your website. Many of us who work with blogging do not keep these two pages but it is important to have these two pages. Apart from these two pages you will never get Google Adsense approval

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