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How to Rank New Blog On Google | How to rank your blog in the freeze

How to Rank New Blog On Google 

 How to Rank New Blog On Google

Rank new blog on Google free: After all we create a new blog, after pressing a topic on our head, how Google hopes for the first time. In fact, a blog overnight can not bring you Google's first time because you want to work hard And have to follow the rules. Please read this post today and hopefully you will be back in your work.

How to Rank Blog On Google
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Please note the following about Google's ranking.

Post (Post): Post your blog regularly, Google will make your blog great impressions in different places. For which to continue posting you will see Blog Rank 1000% on my site I have started Ranking since it has started.

Keyword - Keyword: Another important topic of Blog Rank is the Keyword selection. You can select the keyword that the visitor wants. And yes, working with Low-Competition Keyword in the new blog. It will take a keyword that reads at least 1000 thousand searches per month, but few people write it.

Long Post - Long Post and Fun: Every post should be written in the post so that the Visitor enjoys reading it so that he wants to read another post. Keep in mind that the length of time a visitor will stay in your blog will be your blog rank. Visitors will be glad to read even if your writing quality is bad. If the post is large, keywords are more in it and Visitor takes more time to read, so Google assumes that the quality of this post is very good and will rank your blog site. So please focus on posting well.

Loading Time: Must pay attention to blog's loading time because if a visitor does not enter your blog quickly, he will exit from your site and hence your site will lose rank from Google.

Meta tags: Many say meta tag is not important but it is wrong to see that you will be able to give your post main keyword inside the meta tag, Google will easily find your post. But do not mention keywords more often, but lose rank.

Internal Links: The more links you have in your post, the more rank it will be, and the increase in the amount of the post will be more for the internal link. The more you post, the more you can link to the internal.

 How to rank your blog in the hope that this post will be useful to you today. So share the post if you like it and comment down if you have anything to know.

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