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If you want to increase the WiFi speed or see

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Today's Topic,
If you want to increase the WiFi speed or see


Many of us are annoyed with the slow pace of the Internet. Wi-Fi connection can be used to access the internet but there is no connection at all. That is, there is no internet speed. But this problem can be very easy to get rid of! Let's know. How to increase Wi-Fi Speed: -

1. Change Router's Location:

To speed up the Wi-Fi connection, you must first adjust the router's location or adjust the position. In many cases, the internet router inside the house is kept very close to the cable. It should not be at all. Sometimes the router's antenna position is not fixed. That is why it is not possible to send and receive signals from the antenna at all. Therefore, the router should be placed in such a place, so that the router can send signals all the way or receive the signal.

2. Added antenna to the wireless router:

Sometimes the speed of the router can not be improved or enhanced by changing the location of the internet. In that case, antenna can change to increase performance. If there are many walls or many obstacles around the router, then try to enhance the router's performance in front of an external antenna router or using it properly. Because the speed of Internet router increases the internet speed will increase.

3. Add Wireless Repeater:

If you wish, you can get help with a wireless repeater to increase the network range of router. This repeater will work as a bridge between router and connected device. You will get a better reporter in the market at a lower price.

4. Stop background data download:

Sometimes the speed of the internet network may be slower due to multiple tasks in the background. If multiple tabs are running simultaneously in the user's computer, tablet or phone's background, the Internet speed will be reduced. In order to speed up the Internet, you need to stop unnecessary applications or tabs. Then the speed of the internet has increased much earlier. Also, sometimes the internet speed is reduced when the router is restarted but it works. If the router restarts then the motion works naturally.

5. Add a high quality antenna to the wireless device (upstream)

You can achieve improved speed by replacing high quality antenna with some wireless devices. Of course it is a little harder for smartphones or tablets, but it is possible to increase the wifi sensitivity and range by adding extraordinary antenna to laptops or desktop computers.

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