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Important and useful use of [OTG] For beginners

Hello! Friends, welcome to all of you today's post,
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Today's Topic,
Important and useful use of [OTG] For beginners

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Many people have OTG phones; But many do not know what is otizi and what you can do with it But many people know each other, but maybe not all know. Actually, almost everything can be done by otipi.

So let's look at late otizi some fun using-

1. Keyboard connection: Any brand or size USB keyboard can be connected to your Android.

2. Mouse connection: Any kind of USB connector to your Android and you can do all the work like PC.

3. USB fan: Yes it's heard that with additional heat you can attach a USB fan to your Android device and you can eat air as well and if the battery of the smartphone is hot then it can also cool the air. Very useful for Bangladesh. And the price of the USB fan will be between 100 and 150 taka and if the fan runs for 1 hour, your Android will be charged less than half the full charge.

4. Card Reader: Allows you to cut, copy, paste, delete all of your Android handsets by adding a card reader to the OTG cable.

5. Game Controller: The Android Games; With the help of Game Controller you can easily add game controllers through Otiji to play with those game controllers.

6. USB Light: If you burn your Android's flash, then the phone will be hot and the flashlight is likely to be lost. The solution is to use a USB flashlight connection via otigi if it requires more light. Which will give more than three times more light than the phone's flash.

7. LAN connection: Suppose you do not have Wi-Fi in your home but there is a broadband connection. what will you do ? Connect your USB connection to the OTG cable with your Android and do airplane mode and run as much net.

8. Internet modem connection: end of SIM data plan; Do not worry, with ODG and Modem with Android, download the PPP widget or equivalent app from Play Store, set up; Run the Internet in Smoke.

9. Hard disk connection: Whether the 500 GB or 1 Terra bay is terrible; Android's hard disk connectivity with OTG cable That's what they're doing.

10. DSLR: What is said; Mad ? Nai brother is the real truth Download the dslr dashboard app from the Play Store, connect it with android and DSLR with OTG. From Android you can control the entire DSLR.

11. USB SOUND CARD: You can listen to music on any type of sound device by connecting a USB sound card with OTG cable with your Android.

12. Charged on another phone: A major problem of Android is to end soon. It was seen that you went away somewhere or there was a sudden charge of the phone but it was necessary to keep the phone on. OTG can also be your solution to the problem. Connect with your phone's OTG cable directly with a normal USB cable with friends or known or on your own phone. See your phone will be charged.

For all the above work, you have to have an OTG function on your phone and have an OTG cable that the company has to buy during phone or tab purchase. And if you do not get OTG only; Do not worry, there are only good brands of OTC only available in the market with 100 rupees. Buy any one.

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