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Smartphone addiction is doing the damage!

Everything is good. It is true that even without a smartphone, we do not have a single moment. This smartphone can be a good friend, as well as it can cause serious harm.
This report, based on the harmful aspects of using additional smartphones,
Eyesight can decrease

The average reading of newspapers or books is generally 40 cm in length from the eyes. Smartphone users usually use it at a distance of 30 cm from the eye. For many, this distance is only 18 centimeters. This may cause problems with myopia or poor eyesight.
Hearing energy can decrease
Smartphones can not be used to keep away from ear. As a result, there is a problem when talking to the phone more often. The headphones are better to use compared to. Again, using headphones, listening to loud music can affect the inner ear and the brain also has problems. Doctors say there is a danger of becoming deaf.

Sleep neap
Sleep disorders or sleep disorders are most likely to occur due to the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, extra desktops and extra television viewing. Those who use this type of technology before going to sleep may have melatonin deficiency in their body; The bright light emitted from the technology. At one stage, there is a serious sleep problem and the risk of sleep disorder is created.

Bone loss
If typing messages over time, finger joints may be painful and problems may arise like arthritis if the condition worsens. Many keep phone between shoulders and ear during work. Send messages over a long period of time. All of these damage the bone and joints in the body. Pakapaki may damage the spine.

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