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The new feature of Android Q leaked

The latest version of Android 9.0 Pi was released in August last year. Meanwhile, various OM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have started distributing Android pie to their devices. But before the pie comes to the device, it is heard that the Android Q roaming. Since the names of Android versions are in alphabetical order, the name of the next version will be something close to Android Q.

Only a few days ago, the developers of Android Developers' Popular Forum XDA published some of the features of Google's next Android Flavor Android Q. Since it's the first build, so there is not much change or feature.

At the end of this year, Google is expected to release its final build of Android Q. It is normal to see many changes in the final build. However, let's now discuss the two major changes of the initial build. Here the pictures have been taken as a screenshot from the video of the XDA Developers Forum.
Users will have more control over app permissions in Android Q

In Android Q, you can easily find out which apps are allowed to view your personal data. Another thing is, if you want to specify the date / specificity of a specific permissions for an app.

For example, your Google Map app can determine whether your location data is used only during the app, or it will be used forever.

Android Q
In previous versions it had no such control system.

This feature seems to be available for all types of permissions in all apps. Another advantage is that, for this you will not have to go to settings options. Instead of applying for the first time, you will see three types of options in the menu while applying permissions.

Android Q
For the benefit of this new feature,

you will see the number of apps that are using your location, microphone or camera at the moment on the Android Q notification panel, through a small icon.

Android Q
When you click on that small icon of Android Q, it will again show the list of apps' names and icons, so that you can reconsider the permissions by clicking on the app you need.

Moreover, you will get a section in the Android App's App Settings app, which will be an infographic as a summary of which app is using some permissions.

Android Q
The advanced Dark Mood coming in Android Q

Many people use dark wallpapers or themes to save battery or eyes for the benefit of Amode display. There is a dark mode feature on Android-based custom ROMs, but Dark Mode is not too fast for Android. Android mode has come to dark mode.

In Q, Google is bringing the desired dark mode more efficiently, which will be effective throughout the operating system. Google recently started adding dark mode to their popular apps too.

Android Q
Since it is not a complete build,
 Google is still unable to implement this darkmode across the entire system.

However, it is expected that the official release will come with full dark mode Android Q.

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