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The way to easily lock Facebook profile

Hello! Friends, welcome to all of you today's post,

Facebook users are giving good user experience and always providing new updates to ensure user safety. The Profile Picture Guard option, which was introduced a few days ago in the same sequence. If you use this feature, the Facebook user profile peekee could not see anyone in good resolutions beyond his friend list. But if you want to see the profile. But the last update that has brought the whole profile locking system.

How to lock Facebook profile?
After the update comes the same question everyone seems to lock Facebook profile? In today's post I will show you how to lock Facebook profile. Profile lock option is not available in all IDs so far. It's got automated on many of the profiles. Many more did not come to profile. Those who came to click on the settings were made on their own. But today's tune for those who did not come to nitifikasan.

How To Lock Facebook Profile
Those who have the profile lock option on ID will have to go to their ID. Mobile or PC is free from any one. This profile Is Locked Then this profile is locked or clicking on try will get a new option. From there you can lock your profile by clicking Lock your profile.

Also, you can lock your profile at the following link (if your profile is accessible to lock)

There is another way that those people who have started this option will be able to invoke their friends to lock their favorites. After inviting, you can lock the availabel to lock their profile.

Rules for Locking Facebook ID
After locking your Facebook profile, all your posts will be public from the public. And your next post will not be shared publicly. Everything about your intro will become friends from the public. In general, someone outside your friendlist will not see anything of your profile. You can not even see your profile pickup, cover peak. So if you are someone who wants to share everything with a public profile or celebrity or everyone, this feature is not for you. And if someone only wants to share all his activities with friends only then this feature is very good for you.

How To Lock Facebook Id
Facebook ID can be locked in the top 3 ways. In short,
1. Go to the ID of someone whose profile is locked.
2. Through Friend's Invite
3. From the Facebook Help menu option (whose link is above)

Not today! Congratulations to everyone and ending here as today. Hopefully you will be able to come up with something new in front of you next day.

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