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What is the Gorilla Glass? How strong are they?

Nowadays everybody wants a sturdy device while buying a smartphone. Because most customers use a smartphone at least one and a half years. The most fragile part of smartphones is its display. The general glass screens are easily broken down by hand. For many years, many mobile phone manufacturers have been using a garnish glass called Cornish Gorilla Glass that can take much more trouble than normal glass to get rid of it.

Gorilla Glass is strong - but it does not know how it works or many details about it are unknown. Let's know what the matter is!

What is the Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a special type of glass that is trademarked and prepared by an American company called Corning Inc. In 1851, the company was established in America called Corning Glass Works. After the company changed its name to Corning Incorporated. In addition to New York, Japan and Taiwan also have two research centers with their glass.
How powerful is Gorilla Glass?

The Gorilla Glass is the name of this gorilla animal because of its strangeness. The fact that Gorilla Glass does not really break is not the same. But it is stronger than ordinary glass. The last sixth-generation Gorilla Glass (6) was measured in samples after a drop of 15 times in a non-haphazard place, after 15 times of drop test.

Fifth generation gorilla glasses remain in the strongest place from 1.6 meters above the surface, but remain in the seventh half. Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 6 is better than twice the previous generation. The company has done numerous tests to ensure their durability.
Why Gorilla Glass is so strong and sturdy?

Technically speaking, Gorilla Glass is a type of Terminological. These are compounds of sand-based and aluminum, silicon and oxygen compounds.

After initially producing the glass, it is kept in the melted salts bath at 400 degrees Celsius. This temperature initiates the chemical process called ion exchange, whereby large potassium ions of salt enter the glass and take out the space with the small sodium ions out in the glass. This increases the density of the glass much more, and this higher density gives the desired durability to the Gorilla Glass.
How many types of Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass was first made in 2008. It was upgraded in different ways in 2012, 013 and 2014. The fifth generation of Gorilla Glass has been released in 2016. Gorilla Glass 6 has come in 2018 Besides, they also created a type of glass called Gorilla Glass DX Plus for smartwatch. Even the Gorilla Glass is being used in the car. The gorilla glass has also been used in the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.

Is Gorilla Glass Reusable (Recyclable)?

Although the Gorilla Glass is made in a special process, it is actually a glass. So, it is possible to recycle the Gorilla Glass as well as ten times the glass. Even considering its impact on the environment, it is like a window or glass bottle - not harmful in any way.
Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass

It is a type of special gorilla glass that is strong and germic resistant at the same time. This glass is being developed to provide users with various waraby devices and tactile screens to protect them from germs.
Do you have gorilla glass options?

Smartphone, smartwatch and many devices display gorilla glass-protected. The numbers are increasing day by day. However, most of the devices are using Cornish Company's Gorilla Glass but there are several options. The chief among them is Ashahi Company's Dragonfly Glass. Meanwhile, many companies, including Sony, Samsung, Jollo, have used Dragonfly Glass on their devices. Moreover, the Safari Glass used in AppleWatch is also very strong.

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