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Computer Problems and Solutions - The computer runs but the monitor does not come in the picture.

Computer Problems and Solutions - The computer runs but the monitor does not come in the picture.     

 Computer Problems and Solutions -

In the current technology, we are very much computer-based. And in the daily life, to use computers, sometimes it is difficult to read various problems. Computer
 There is no end to the problem of the problem, so today's post is the personal solution of PC Personal
Computer Tips- 2019
The main problems of computer are given below:


First of all, it is because of Ram. So check the ram first, open Ram from the motherboard, see if Ram burns somewhere or if it burns somewhere then clean Ram again and put it back on the motherboard. It is best if you can wash and dry Ram with a thinner. There is an additional Ram
If it is good then it can be examined first by taking it from someone else if you do not have it, then it will be able to understand that it is Ram problem or something else.

Hard Disk: 

If there is a problem with the hard disk, open the hard disk's power lines and then start the computer.

Bios Battery: 

Because of the bios battery, open the battery and start the computer.

Cooling Fan: The problem may be due to the cooling fan, cooling fan lasts for so many days due to dirty dust and this is due to dust. Again this is a problem if the cooling fan is faded from the motherboard, so be sure to see if the cooling fan is absurd. Apply well if you are stuck.


This can be due to the processor, so please open the processor, wash the processor thoroughly with the iter and then dry it again. The place where the processor carries the processor is better see whether there is any dirt or this problem is also due to the dirt.


If the key of the BIOS is open (according to the motherboard) the keys are not properly connected


If you lose the BIOS, see if the BIOS location is hot or if the BIOS is overheated then wash the whole motherboard with the towel and then dry it on the sun, then see if everything is done. Otherwise, you must buy a new MOTHERBOARD.

Power Supply:

 Because of power supply, everything can be seen, but the MONITOR is not coming because the power supply is not properly revolted. So check with the new Power Supply.

If you do not understand anything in this post, please comment below. Please try to solve your computer problem. Share the post if you feel better.

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